The 8 Performance Appraisal Questions to Ask Employees

Jun 15, 2017


For a manager, one of the most difficult tasks that come with the position is the staff evaluation. It is essential for managers to be thoroughly ready for leading the review process in a confident and effective manner. Reviews are capable of being a great tool for enhancing performance, improving productivity levels and increasing employee morale, if handled correctly.

Importance of Staff Evaluation

For all organizations, regular evaluation of the staff, especially sales and marketing experts, is a must. Evaluation allows each employee to be recognized and valued. It’s not just about making decisions about promotions or pay increases; it’s also about fostering an atmosphere of open communication.

Evaluation creates an opportunity to recognize achievements and reward employees who provide value to the organization. The performance, behaviour and contribution of employees can be reviewed to discover any issues that need to be addressed. It allows for the creation of development and training programs for specific employees. Finally, evaluations help in the creation of goals and targets for motivating the staff to start performing better.

Performance Appraisal Questions To Ask Employees

There are several kinds of staff evaluation questions that can be asked during the review. Here are some that you should consider adding to your list.

1. What Has Been Your Biggest Achievement in the Given Period of Time?

As far as staff assessment questions go, this is the most common. It is useful and it helps the management understand how far the employee has progressed. More importantly, the employee will also come to realize what his or her own contributions have been.

2. How Can Your Job Be Done Differently?

This question asks employees to bring forward their own ideas on how their work can be done. Quite a few viable ideas might be given that the management may consider implementing to simplify the work and make their staff more effective.

3. What Has Been the Most Challenging Facet of Your Work?

Among employee review questions, this one is quite an important one. The answer helps the management identify the areas and aspects where employees are facing problems. The insight gained can lead to corrective measures being implemented. It can also help in identifying areas where the individual needs to improve on.

4. Which Aspect of Your Work Do You like The Most?

It is important to find out the aspects of work that your employees enjoy. The management can then take the necessary steps to improve the individual’s flair for that aspect, turning him or her into a more valuable member of the team. This emphasizes a positive relationship between the employees and the management as the employees gain scope for development.

5. What Are Your Strengths?

This is one of the most common performance review questions but an important one nonetheless. Identification of the employee’s strengths is essential. It helps the management to know how to make the best use of the skills and capabilities of each employee. Additionally, it helps in finding out the improvements made by the individual since the last performance review.

6. How Can the Management Help You with the Job?

All employees tend to have certain expectations from the management, making this one of the important performance appraisal questions for managers. Managers need to know what their employees expect so that the necessary steps can be taken. It gives a voice to the employees who feel appreciated and valued since their ideas and feelings are being considered, therefore fostering a more positive atmosphere within the organization.

7. What Are Your Future Plans in This Job?

All employees have some idea of where they want to be in a few years. Their targets and objectives must be known by the management. Understand the aims and objectives of the employee as well as the way he or she hopes to achieve them. The management and the employee can work together to explore the options available to make those future plans a reality.

8. How Is the Environment of the Organization?

The workplace environment has a major effect on the performance and productivity of an employee. Some individuals tend to thrive under certain conditions. Employee feedback questions can help in understanding what an employee needs to be comfortable so that he or she can deliver the best results.

There are still several employee evaluation questions that you can add to your list of questions. The aim of the questions should always be to encourage the individual to share his or her viewpoints. The conversation should never be one-sided.

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