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Do More by Using 360 Degree Review Evaluations


Is your company disconnected with your employees? Don’t let your review system create an even wider gap.

Companies that don’t know how to review their employees trust Grapevine’s 360 degree evaluations to ask the right questions, and get meaningful answers.

What is 360 Degree Evaluation

360 evaluations give you a full perspective. They evaluate an employee by gathering feedback from:

  • Coworkers
  • Superiors
  • Subordinates
  • and even customers

360 degree feedback removes obstacles like personal bias or office politics to give you an accurate view of how an employee is performing and their true value to the company.

Built for HR Users in Mind

Grapevine understands the needs of the HR Professional. Our 360 degree review evaluation tool assists you in creating, distributing, managing, and evaluating all stages of the process, easily and efficiently.

And, you can track participation and follow up as needed.

What 360 Review Software Can Do For You

Traditional employee evaluations systems required HR professionals to do all the work themselves. But today, Grapevine gives you an employee evaluation system that creates, administers, and tracks evaluations for you.

Grapevine helps you:

  • Avoid the headaches of creating your own employee review system
  • Save time and money with a simple plug and play tool
  • Get a measurable ROI through happier and more productive employees

See 360 Degree Feedback in Action

At Grapevine Evaluations, our 360 degree employee evaluation software is trusted by companies such as Pandora Radio, Thomson Reuters, and Macy’s.

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