360 Appraisals for Human Resource Professionals

Restore Your Faith in Employee Feedback Using 360 Degree Appraisals


Have you given up on employee reviews? Do you dread the work that goes into conducting them and reporting them? We don’t blame you. It’s time to try something different.

Performing a 360 degree appraisal allows you to collect information from multiple sources, including those who spend the most time with the staff member that you’re analyzing. This saves you the wasted time and money associated with traditional reviews.

Grapevine helps you:

  • Avoid the headaches of creating your own employee review system
  • Save time and money with a simple plug and play tool
  • Get a measurable ROI through happier and more productive employees

What is a 360 Appraisal?

360 appraisals are a simple, customizable and effective method of gathering information about personnel. But instead of only one person providing the necessary information, HR professionals learn from everybody who interacts with the employee.

This allows you to discover in-depth details that would otherwise remain unheard. The reviews are completely anonymous, so they eliminate problems like office politics or people answering diplomatically instead of honestly.

Finally Gain Real Insight

Traditional employee feedback is based on the opinions of a single supervisor, manager or superior. Your perspective is limited to a singular point-of-view. But with 360 appraisal, you gain a new perspective from an employee’s:

  • Coworkers
  • Superiors
  • Subordinates
  • and even customers

Designed with the HR User in Mind

Grapevine understands the needs of the HR Professional. Our tool assists you in creating, distributing, managing, and evaluating all stages of the appraisal process, easily and efficiently.

And, you can track participation and follow up as needed.

Learn More About Grapevine’s 360 Degree Appraisal

We are proud to partner with businesses of all sizes and sectors, including large international companies such as Thomson Reuters and tech companies such as Pandora Radio.

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