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WHY Grapevine Evaluations?

Grapevine Evaluations is a 360 degree feedback web-based tool designed for HR departments or consultants to easily create, manage and distribute online 360 Employee Evaluations. It doesn’t matter if your company has 5 or 5,000 employees, our tool works with your situation. Want to know more about us, please watch our informative 90 second video above. Our tool helps your company measure performance, improve employee development, and build employee engagement. Our industry leading 360 feedback software helps evaluate and assess your employees without big hassles through our cloud based software.


Grapevine’s core advantages:


  • Cloud based tool, no software to install or to download. We are compatible with all environments and even mobile friendly.
  • The most user friendly and easy to use product in this space.
  • Completely customizable to meet your needs, from the question content to the report output.
  • Most importantly it is very cost effective with a scalable pricing model to support small to larger opportunities.


What is 360 degree feedback?

Answer : 360 degree feedback is a process that employees receive feedback, often anonymous and confidential, from the people who work around them. This people commonly include the employee’s peers and manager.

Why should I choose 360 degree feedback over traditional methods?

Answer : 360 degree feedback provides a rare opportunity to identify and discover the talent within your organization. It provides a cost-efficient approach compared to other methods such as work-shadowing, interviews or development centres. The cost and set-up time may be equal to other methods, but once the process is in place, you can put however many people you want through the process.

What aspects can I measure with 360 degree feedback?

Answer : It can measure how someone does his or her job and the behaviour he or she uses at work. 360 degree feedback can also be used to measure specific skills or knowledge that is required in his or her position. We suggest that you never assess employees’ style or personality traits

Why is 360 degree feedback based on competencies?

Answer : The reason 360 degree feedback is based around competencies is because of its consistent measure performance areas that are relevant and required to the company in order to accomplish its objectives and goals. Competencies supply a common language that will describe exactly what each individual needs to do in order to attain his or her objectives.

What is a competency framework?

Answer : The competency framework for a distinct position describes the qualities of the perfect person for that role. Headings such as customer focus, communication skills, analytical thinking and commercial awareness would all be considered competences in this context.

What are the advantages of 360 degree feedback to the organization?

Answer : The four main advantages of using the 360 degree feedback tool are:
– Improved planning and implementation of career development opportunities
– Assists with the analysis of employees’ training needs
– Customer contribution to the evaluation process develops customer satisfaction
– Linking survey items to company values and leadership expertise will reinforce company culture

Are there any circumstances that 360 degree feedback should not be used?

Answer : Yes. 360 degree feedback is an effective tool, but should not be in such a way that it damages the trust that has developed between coworkers. It should also not be used if the company does not have the intention of developing any of the issues that may have discovered.

What sort of information should be targeted with the 360 degree evaluation tool?

Answer : The most effective questions in the 360 degree surveys target apparent skills and behaviors rather than the employee’s point of view. The questions should also be applicable to that particular employee’s job and should focus on the competency framework associated with his or her role.

How important is confidentiality for 360 degree feedback?

Answer : This truly depends on who is taking the survey. In an ideal situation people would be pleased to provide their feedback and wouldn’t mind if their answers were shared. But most people often feel that given a sense of confidentiality allows them to be more honest with their feedback without the worry that there will be repercussions or conflict that arises.

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