What Type Of Feedback Do Millennials Want?

Dec 21, 2015

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There’s a large group of very powerful people in the workforce today – do you know who they are?

They’re millennials, people who were born after 1980 and were the first to come of age in the second millennia. Why do they exert so much power in the workforce? It’s simple – there are a lot of them. And they’re changing the way employee performance reviews are carried out.

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Is This the End of the Performance Review?

At the end of October 2015, the HR software solutions provider TriNet and Wakefield Research released a report on how employee performance reviews are impacting millennials. As it turns out, the effect is highly negative.

Why don’t millennials like evaluations? They feel as though they don’t receive adequate notice that an assessment will be taking place – 62% of respondents said they felt “blindsided” by a performance review. Furthermore, millennials think the process is flawed. Fifty nine percent of respondents commented they didn’t believe their managers were prepared to give feedback.

With results like these, it’s no surprise that Gap, Adobe and Accenture have decided to eliminate the traditional performance review.

The Performance Review Millennials Really Want

If you’re a fan of the employee evaluation process and fear its demise due to the influx of millennials in the workplace, stop fretting. Although millennials think the way their employers currently review their performance is deficient, they don’t want to scrap the process altogether.

Eighty five percent of those surveyed by TriNet and Wakefield research believe the way managers assess employees needs to be overhauled. And they’ve got very specific suggestions on how to do so. Millennials want feedback frequently, and they want to be able to share their thoughts about how they’re performing on the job. They also want to see more specific critiques, and they wish the comments were fair and unbiased.

Ignore Millennials at Your Peril

You might be thinking, “What a bunch of whiners. In my day, we had a yearly performance review. You just had to wait your turn for feedback, and if you didn’t like what the manager had to say, you just had to deal with it.”

That’s one perspective you can take when dealing with millennials. However, as of 2015, they’re be the largest generation in the American workforce. Alienating them could cost you employees – can you afford that?

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