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Without Grapevine evaluations, our employee reviews and 360 evaluations would be difficult and unruly. Employees feel that they are giving their best feedback, but it's not an onerous task with Grapevine. Managers feel that the reports are detailed and comprehensive. The support that Grapevine gives me, the administrator, is invaluable. Thanks, for the third year in a row.

360 Evaluations can be very time intensive. Tracking responses, sending reminder emails, and managing all of the other moving parts takes away from other important tasks. We found that using Grapevine to administer 360 Evaluations for our clients made the process much simpler, efficient, and cost effective.

Grapevine is a true business partner. We use their evaluation and survey software and they both provide great value to our organization. The products are excellent and the people are helpful and easy to work with. I highly recommend Grapevine to any company looking for this type of partnership.

Grapevine's 360 Assessments has been an instrumental tool for our Leadership Development Program when assessing our top talent. The reporting capability is rich and easy to read. I'd recommend Grapevine to others looking to dial up their developmental efforts for their top performers.

I have used other 360's over the years for my clients. The ease and ability to customize a 360 for the unique needs of my clients is outstanding. The Grapevine system is more than competitively priced as compared to other systems that allow you to customize. Excellent Sales and Technical support.

I was very pleased with the service and ease of use that Grapevine offers. We are extremely satisfied with the whole process, from setting up our 360 review to analyzing the reports. Welliver McGuire Inc. will continue to use Grapevine for all of our 360 and review needs.

I have used Grapevine's 360 Degree Evaluations as part of a coaching project for a client. The ease of use, the possibilities to tailor the evaluation exactly as you want (including the branding) and the online follow up tools resulted in a very professional start of the project.

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