360 degree Evaluation- Appraisal tool to judge the Employees

Jun 1, 2012
Most of the people do not like to tell obnoxious truths and avoid confronting others. So it would be perfect to have 360 degree estimation. […]

What is 360 degree feedback software ?

May 31, 2012
360 degree feedback is an evaluation technique that provides assessment of employee’s behavior and performance. 360 degree evaluation is different from human resource evaluation surveys. […]

Employee evaluations- how it can help both employers and employees

May 24, 2012
Employee evaluations are extremely supportive and motivating, beneficial for employers as much as workers. The means to a successful payoff is to ensure realization of […]

Employee evaluation software –things to look for when using such systems

May 22, 2012
Are you searching for employee evaluation software, which you can use to review your employee performance through online? If yes, you need to invest on […]

Employee performance evaluation software- an essential tool to appraise employee participation

Employee appraisal is a performance evaluation technique for employees. It is a method of appraising performance and other employee activities, whether calculable or incalculable like […]

Employee performance evaluations- guidelines for a successful performance appraisal

Sometimes, the process of performance evaluation can be problematic. Some of the workers may oppose to it. Many a times, employees fail to comprehend the […]

Benefits of 360 feedback system for your organization

May 11, 2012
Evaluation is a powerful tool which helps an organization to determine the level of its employee’s performance. An organization should evaluate its employees from time […]

Significance of 360 degree feedback in employee evaluation

May 8, 2012
Evaluation is an effective way to assess the work related behavior and performance of an individual. Generally the information of such evaluations is collected from […]


May 2, 2012
360 degree evaluation is a progarmme which is to check the performances and shortcomings of the employees. This test should be conducted by the organizations […]


Apr 26, 2012
360 degree surveys means a full fledge self –evaluation program me which detects the persons truths about their personality and their overall stated behavior .This […]

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