5 Questions Every 360 Evaluation Should Have

Sep 18, 2014

360 evaluation questionsAnnual reviews are certainly an important part of employee evaluation.

They help you determine performance, compensation and areas for growth.

Peer and employee evaluations can be very helpful. So it’s important to consider the 360 evaluation questions that you’ll be including on the survey or evaluation form.

As you’re creating your evaluation, here are five areas of 360 evaluation questions you should include and customize for your company and employees:


Does the employee exhibit and seek out leadership roles? If so, how does the employee contribute through leadership? If not, how can the employee improve their leadership? This is an important component as it will help you determine future leadership within the company.


When the employee works with others, what interpersonal skills are demonstrated? Are there any interpersonal problems or areas for improvement? Interpersonal relationship are key to having positive morale and productivity at the company. This results in better retention of employees and success of the company.

Problem Solving

Does the employee solve problems effectively? What skills has the employee shown in solving problem and what problem solving areas would you recommend improvement? Problems will always happen, and it’s important that your employee knows how to handle them and the team has confidence in her to do so.


Does the employee appear to be motivated by the work they do? Does the employee help motivate team members? Have you experienced difficulty with the employee’s motivation? Motivated employees are more productive.

As every person is different, it’s also important to determine what will motivate your employees. For some it may be more flex time and working from home, for another it might be assignment to a large project, for others it might be financial.


Are the employee’s work habits effective, efficient and constantly improving? What areas can the employee work on to improve her efficiency? We all have limited time, so it’s important that employees are being efficient with their time. A lack of efficiency can frustrate other employees and cause problems within the team and the company.

These are only five areas that are recommended when you’re creating your 360 evaluation questions. The questions will help your employees know the areas that your company values. And organizing the feedback for your employees will help them grow within the organization.

Framing questions to guide feedback will be more effective than simply leaving broad questions or those that are too narrow resulting in one or two word answers.

Creating 360 degree feedback questions can be challenging. There are great resources where you can learn more about creating and designing employee evaluation tools.