360 Degree Feedback

Grapevine has been the number one choice for effective Employee Evaluations and feedback for hundreds of companies across North America. Our 360 appraisal software makes creating, designing, and implementing surveys easier then ever.

A Complete Web-Based Tool

Here’s some good news -- Grapevine’s exclusive web-based 360 Degree Feedback tool means there is no expensive software to download or install. You don’t need to upgrade your computer systems or purchase additional hard drive storage. Our cloud-based system keeps your company’s information secure, private, and confidential.

Hundreds of Questions to Choose From

Make your 360 Degree Feedback count with the right questions. Choose from Grapevine’s vast library of questions for instant, ready-made surveys. You can also customize your own to ensure you get the exact information your company needs.

Designed with the HR User in Mind

Grapevine’s 360 Degree Feedback understands the needs of the HR Professional. Our survey tool assists you in creating, distributing, managing, and evaluating all stages of the HR survey process, easily and efficiently. You can also track survey participation and follow-up as needed.

Simple Yet Comprehensive Reporting

Grapevine’s 360 Degree Feedback makes reporting easy. Options range from individualized, concise reporting to more broad and expansive findings, which are viewable to all or to only a select few. Plus, your company can see answers in real-time, which keeps you ahead of the game.

Fully Customizable With Your Company's Logo, Messaging, and Information

With Grapevine’s 360 Degree Feedback, you have over 40 different skins and options to choose if you want to customize your survey. Upload your logo for a more professional look and coordinate the survey’s colours and themes to match your company’s brand. You can also use the 360 Degree Feedback tool to create unique introductory and thank you messages.

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