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How to Use the STAR Model to Provide Feedback

Giving feedback to employees is a delicate matter – especially if you need to deal with problems. It is important to give criticism in a […]

5 Tips for Writing an Impressive Self-Assessment

Jun 23, 2017
Employers are increasingly using self-assessments to find out how well their employees are settling into their roles. Self-assessment appraisals play an important part in annual […]

Proper Etiquette of Giving Feedback to an Underperforming Employee

Dealing with underperforming employees can be complicated, especially for small businesses or people who are not accustomed to delicate situations. However, it is vital that […]

An Honest Look at the Advantages and Disadvantages of 360 Degree Feedback

If your company is considering overhauling its employee assessment program, you might be thinking about implementing 360 degree feedback. There is a great deal of […]

Stop Fixating On Flaws During Employee Reviews

When you review your employees’ performance, what do you highlight? Many managers choose to only to focus on the negative, leading to bad employee reviews. […]

How Does the 360 Degree Feedback Process Work?

Are you curious about how the 360 degree review process works, but are concerned that it will be time consuming and costly? It doesn’t have […]

Taking Hypocrisy Out Of Employee Reviews

The Greeks had a word for when someone was playing a part or pretending to be something other than what that person really was – […]

56% Of Employees Say They Don’t Receive Raises Or Bonuses When They Perform Well

Are your employees being rewarded for their good performance? Most likely, they’re not. And it’s equally likely that they’re not happy about that. So, why […]

Do Coworkers Drive More Employee Engagement Than Bosses?

Who has the biggest impact on employee engagement in your office? Is it the managers, or the employees? The answer might surprise you. Read on […]

Can You Rebuild Employee Engagement?

Aug 18, 2015
Employee engagement is difficult to create, but you’d be surprised at how easy it is to destroy. Employee engagement can erode over time as well […]
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