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Should You Use A Bell Curve in Performance Management?

Jun 30, 2017
A significant challenge most companies face is how to accurately assess performance and implement an effective system for employee performance appraisals. Bell curves initially rose […]

The 8 Performance Appraisal Questions to Ask Employees

For a manager, one of the most difficult tasks that come with the position is the staff evaluation. It is essential for managers to be […]

How to Write a Self-Appraisal for Your Work Performance

Jun 8, 2017
In any organization, it is essential to evaluate the progress and contribution being made by individuals working for it. Evaluations allow the individuals, supervisors, management […]

3 Phrases to Avoid During Employee Performance Reviews

As a manager, you have a challenging job – you have to motivate and inspire your employees to do their very best work while ensuring […]

What Type Of Feedback Do Millennials Want?

There’s a large group of very powerful people in the workforce today – do you know who they are? They’re millennials, people who were born […]

Five Free Ways to Improve Employee Morale

Is it possible to raise employee morale without spending a dime? The definitive answer is yes, and it’s easier than you might think. Not to […]

Four Things Your Leaders Need to Start Doing

When you’re a business leader, it seems like there’s no end to the list of your responsibilities. You have an organization to run, and if […]

How Bad Attitudes Hurt Productivity

No matter how long you’ve been in the workforce (unless it’s your very first day ever, in which case, good luck!), you’ve probably come across […]

Does Your HR Department Have Scale?

Every business leader wants to hear that his or her company is growing. It’s welcome news that tells you that employees are being productive and […]

How Start-Ups Should Review Employees

While deciding how to review your employees can be difficult–even overwhelming–for any business, it’s particularly challenging for startups. As YourStory points out, “Employees multi-hat, making […]
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