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The 4 most common 360 degree feedback mistakes

Jun 28, 2017
Everyone gets nervous when they open their 360 degree feedback report — even those with thick skin. This is because your peers, managers and even […]

Understanding How Multi-Rater Feedback Will Transform Your Business

Jun 19, 2017
As a manager, giving your employees and colleagues feedback is an important part of your remit. By providing honest feedback to those you work with, […]

10 Benefits of 360 Degree Feedback

Jun 6, 2017
In recent years, there has been a surge in the popularity of 360 degree feedback. As per some estimates, a significant percentage of Fortune 500 […]

7 Questions to Ask Your Manager during Your Performance Review

Performance reviews are easily one of the most difficult periods of the year, not only for the employees but also the manager. In most situations, […]

Why is it important for businesses to conduct 360 Degree Employee Evaluations?

Nov 11, 2016
Businesses are run on people and processes. A smooth running business comprises of streamlined businesses and all the employees doing their work diligently and in […]

Bouncing Back From Bad 360 Survey Results

Traditional employee performance reviews, during which a supervisor tells an employee once a year how he or she isn’t living up to his or her […]

Stop Fixating On Flaws During Employee Reviews

When you review your employees’ performance, what do you highlight? Many managers choose to only to focus on the negative, leading to bad employee reviews. […]

How Does the 360 Degree Feedback Process Work?

Are you curious about how the 360 degree review process works, but are concerned that it will be time consuming and costly? It doesn’t have […]

How Much Does 360 Review Software Cost

Are you interested in implementing 360 degree employee review software, but are worried that it will be too expensive for your company? That doesn’t have […]

70% Of Employees Want Their Boss To Understand Them Like They Understand Customers

Do you know what your employees are really thinking? Find out with implementing Employee Feedback processes. Research on employee satisfaction shows you most likely don’t. […]
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