Is Low Employee Engagement HR’s Fault?

Whose responsibility is employee engagement? Should it be that of the employees? Or should managers and human resources staffers take charge of this task? While […]

How To Remove “Snitching” From Employee Reviews

Is there one (or more than one) employee who uses employee reviews as a chance to snitch on colleagues’ bad behavior? The answer is almost […]

How Cliques Kill Employee Engagement

Dec 3, 2015
Do you remember cliques from elementary school and high school? You’d probably prefer to forget them. Sadly, these small, tight-knit social groups didn’t fade away […]

55 % Of Employees Say Their Companies Don’t Address Concerns They Brought Up During Their Reviews

Are your staffers happy with your company’s employee evaluation process? There’s an excellent chance that they’re not. And that they’re feeling disenchanted with the way […]

Why The Gap, Adobe, and Microsoft Scrapped Yearly Reviews

Nov 27, 2015
The management research firm CEB performed a survey among major companies, finding that 95% of managers of were dissatisfied with their employee performance review process. […]

How Companies Make Employee Reviews a Meaningless Waste

According to a 2014 survey conducted by Deloitte University Press, 58% of respondents stated that their performance management process isn’t time-effective. Incredibly, only 8 percent […]

Why Yearly Reviews Need to Review the WHOLE Year

Improve Performance All Year Round Year end employee reviews are notorious for not being able to provide a clear view of an employee’s performance throughout […]

How to Review Both Both Hard and Soft Skills

Depending on the type of system that you use for your employee assessments, you may be getting one-sided information that focuses only on one aspect […]

How Big Data Can Help Performance Reviews

Big Data Improves Performance Reviews The explosion of cloud computing services allows companies to implement big data for staff assessment processes without having to invest a […]

How to Get the Most of Performance Reviews

One of the most important parts of running a business involves monitoring the performance of your employees. The quality of work that they perform directly […]

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