How Much Does 360 Review Software Cost

Are you interested in implementing 360 degree employee review software, but are worried that it will be too expensive for your company? That doesn’t have […]

56% Of Employees Say They Don’t Receive Raises Or Bonuses When They Perform Well

Are your employees being rewarded for their good performance? Most likely, they’re not. And it’s equally likely that they’re not happy about that. So, why […]

Employees Who See Their Review As Inaccurate Are Twice As Likely To Quit

Jan 28, 2016
How accurate would you say your employee reviews are? It might not surprise you that your employees don’t always agree with your assessment. Here’s what […]

The Real Reasons Employees Hate Employee Reviews

Do you know how your employees really feel about the employee review process? Chances are, you probably don’t. You’re most likely blissfully unaware of what […]

The Link Between Employee Reviews And Customer Service

Did you know that there’s a connection between your employees’ evaluation and the customer service they provide? These two things might seem entirely unrelated. However, […]

70% Of Employees Want Their Boss To Understand Them Like They Understand Customers

Do you know what your employees are really thinking? Find out with implementing Employee Feedback processes. Research on employee satisfaction shows you most likely don’t. […]

Why Review-Related Duties Are Consuming 2 Million Hours Per Year

Have you ever sat down and calculated exactly how many hours the employee review process costs your company? You may already believe that assessing employee […]

What Type Of Feedback Do Millennials Want?

There’s a large group of very powerful people in the workforce today – do you know who they are? They’re millennials, people who were born […]

Can 360 Evaluations Expose Who Lied On Their Resume?

Dec 17, 2015
Honesty is a virtue… that many people don’t practice when it comes to their resumes. They fudge the truth, and sometimes outright lie, in the […]

Do Coworkers Drive More Employee Engagement Than Bosses?

Who has the biggest impact on employee engagement in your office? Is it the managers, or the employees? The answer might surprise you. Read on […]

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