Stop Fixating On Flaws During Employee Reviews

When you review your employees’ performance, what do you highlight? Many managers choose to only to focus on the negative, leading to bad employee reviews. […]

Do Your Employee Reviews Create Competition Instead Of Collaboration?

How do HR professionals really feel about employee evaluation? The answer will surprise you. There are many HR professionals who believe that assessments don’t do […]

67% Of Employees Feel They’re Not Heard During Their Reviews

Mar 20, 2016
Are your employees satisfied with the way the review process works at your company? Chances are that they’re not. And that’s not a good thing. […]

More Than Half Of All Employees See Their Review As Inaccurate

Mar 2, 2016
How many of your workers believe that their annual employee evaluations and reviews aren’t accurate? The number is probably much higher than you think. You might say, […]

How Does the 360 Degree Feedback Process Work?

Are you curious about how the 360 degree review process works, but are concerned that it will be time consuming and costly? It doesn’t have […]

How Much Does Switching to a 360 Review System Cost

You might have heard that 360 degree employee review and evaluation systems are a more accurate form of assessing workplace performance. It’s possible you’ve also […]

How Much Does 360 Software Cost?

Are you interested in implementing 360 degree employee review software, but are worried that it will be too expensive for your company? That doesn’t have […]

How Long Do 360 Reviews Take

Are you considering implementing a 360 degree employee evaluation at your company, but you’re concerned that the process will take too long? You’re probably worried […]

3 Ways To Taint 360 Survey Results

Feb 11, 2016
Are the results of your 360 degree evaluations as accurate as they could be? In spite of managers’ and HR professionals’ best efforts, the outcomes […]

Taking Hypocrisy Out Of Employee Reviews

The Greeks had a word for when someone was playing a part or pretending to be something other than what that person really was – […]

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