Netflix Scraps Performance Reviews in Favor of 360 Reviews

Jan 13, 2014
It seems that Netflix is taking steps to shake up their company culture—including adopting 360 degree appraisals and scrapping their old performance appraisal system. “Netflix ditched […]

What Job Title Leads to the Most Misery?

Jan 5, 2014
CareerBliss and recently examined 24,000 employee evaluations across more than 250 types of positions to see which job title is linked to the least […]

How 360 Employee Feedback Builds Great Leaders

Jan 3, 2014
Without critique, bosses are doomed to keep making the same mistakes over and over again. 360 employee feedback is the best way to help them […]

Employee Evaluations: Don’t Groan at Them. Own Them

Dec 27, 2013
Very few organizations do 360 feedback evaluations the right way. Which is unfortunate and why most companies dread them. However it’s important to remember that there […]

No Offence: Keep Employees From Getting Defensive During 360 Feedback

Dec 20, 2013
Very few people enjoy getting feedback. It’s easy for anyone to go on the defensive. Especially if 360 employee feedback or any other type of […]

How a Bad Employee Evaluations System is Worse Than a Waste of Time

Dec 18, 2013
Anything that wastes your time in business wastes your money. However, a bad or ineffective 360 employee review system can do much more harm than that.  […]

Yahoo! Performance Review System Under Fire

We are sort of geeks when it comes to performance reviews. We’ve made it our business to become obsessed with them, including looking at how […]

360 Employee Feedback Ensures Office Politics Stay Out of Reviews

Dec 11, 2013
Does your boss hate you? Is there an enemy afoot in management? 360 employee feedback reviews have your back and make sure that one loud […]

How 360 Employee Feedback Makes Better Bosses

Dec 10, 2013
The findings from a 360 employee feedback evaluation does more than give employees a chance to complain about a bad boss—it empowers them to make […]

Will More Gratitude Lead to Better Employee Feedback

Nov 28, 2013
Is a simple “Thank You” the key to better results from 360 employee feedback? How much does gratitude from management factor into employee morale? A […]

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