This Government Agency Scrapped Employee Reviews. Should You?

Apr 27, 2015
In May 2014, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) announced that it would eliminate employee reviews. The agency’s rationale was that these reviews discriminated against workers. […]

360 Assessment Works for the Army. But You’re Not the Army. Will it Work for You?

Apr 27, 2015
  When you think of professional development in any military organization, you probably think of someone coarsely yelling at an individual in order to motivate […]

Why We Love 360 Appraisals & You Should Too

Apr 23, 2015
  Although they are known to be a business necessity, most professionals deplore employee reviews. David Ingram of Demand Media said in a recent post on the Small […]

Why The LA Times Called Employee Evaluations “A Curse”

Apr 23, 2015
In a recent LA Times op-ed, professor and author Samuel A. Cuthbert called employee evaluations a “curse.” Cuthbert has some authority on the subject; he teaches […]

Love Your Employees? Here’s How to Keep Them

What’s the most valuable resource your company possesses? It’s not hardware or software; rather, it’s human capital. That’s right, your employees are your greatest asset. […]

Are Your Employee Performance Evaluation Methods Killing Your Company?

  The same tool you’re using to help save your company may be poisoning it from the inside. 360 degree feedback questions are a great […]

How to Avoid Discrimination in Employee Reviews

In recent years, employee reviews have come under fire. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announced in 2014 that it would cease to conduct performance reviews after employees […]

5 Totally Useless Employee Evaluation Questions

Apr 16, 2015
  360 feedback surveys can be completely useless if you ask the wrong questions. You need to make sure that your evaluations are effective, because poor execution […]

When the Boss Says, ‘Why is Everyone Leaving Us?’ A 360 Degree Feedback Tool is the Answer

Apr 13, 2015
  How can a 360 degree feedback tool help you understand employee turnover? This can be confusing for business leaders, since at face value, all employee […]

How Bad Employee Reviews Cost You More Than Money

Every time a company conducts employee performance reviews, it’s inevitable that there will be some less than glowing results. There will always be bad employee reviews. […]

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