Motivate Your Sales Team By Presenting Them With 360 Evaluation Results

Dec 15, 2016


360 sales team evaluationThe 360 degree feedback “sales team evaluation” has become a strong trend across the business sector. In fact, more than 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies now use this performance review model. Presenting 360 sales team evaluation results can help your sales team better understand their strengths and weaknesses. Let’s take a look at some reasons why the 360 review has become so popular among the most successful organizations.

What 360 sales team evaluation entails?

The 360 review expands the standard concept of performance review into a much broader scope of feedback to include not only supervisors’ assessments, but also feedback from peers, subordinates, and customers. This review model provides a complete account of what all interested parties choose to report about their experience working with that staff member.

Typically, the 360 method involves the reviewer presenting and discussing the comprehensive report of feedback to the individual employee and having the team share the findings. Each employee’s self-evaluation is also included as an important part of the process. This evaluation method is most often utilized for developmental purposes, with emphasis on opportunity for learning and performance enhancement, and sometimes for deciding promotions and compensation.

What are the benefits of the 360 evaluation option?

Most appropriately designed and conducted performance reviews can be effective in guiding employees toward improved performance by relating the company’s objectives to the individual employee’s role and professional goals. And, standard reviews allow supervisors to systematically manage issues instead of reacting to them.

The 360 approach goes further to provide a much more thorough examination of an employee’s performance than reviews based on a single supervisor’s perspective developed from cumulative clues over time. Having people who are engaged with the employee in various capacities contribute their current perspectives produces the most comprehensive and up-to-date information on how the employee is performing. And, receiving consistently repeated feedback from multiple sources gives the employee a comparably very strong sense of the reliability and significance of the feedback.

How does 360 feedback cause improvements?

The 360 review method has proven exceptionally effective in helping marketing experts maintain conscious of the importance of every encounter in every workplace context. Transparency of the evaluation results naturally increases motivation of all employees to develop skills conducive to consistently successful relationships. The positivity cultivated in this operational paradigm tends to generate greater success for employees in their roles.

What’s the takeaway for Sales Managers?

Sales professionals are selected for their special talents of adaptability and reflexive response to needs for corrective measures. They’re continually improving their methods for dealing with others, obtaining sales, and cultivating a loyal customer base. So, sales employees are often particularly responsive to the kinds of insights to be gained through a 360 performance assessment.

How can I get more information 360 reviews?

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